Creed Himalaya, 2002


Perfumer Erwin Creed

Caveat:  I am not the Creed customer. The transparency of their aspirational marketing/mythology makes me laugh.

I’ve just tried Original Vetiver and Himalaya. Each falls squarely into existing mass-market masculine fragrance categories. The former is a a typical fresh/sport millennial  masculine, the latter is a fruity/metallic aquatic of the Cool Water/Salvador Dali Laguna school. It can be argued that they are derivative and that comparable options are available at 1/10th the cost. It could also be argued that they are simply and intentionally examples of known genres and that this recognizability is desirable to the Creed customer.

Himalaya? A dilettante’s bucket-list cliché slapped on a bottle of stock metallic/aquatic cologne? What’s the association? Climbing a mountain = social climbing? Are Creed being ironic or is this just lifestyle marketing and class aspiration at their barest?

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