Creed Fleurissimo, 1956

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Perfumer James Henry Creed

By rights, I should detest this perfume. It’s a pillowy mixed floral. It smells more like a rose face cream from the 1960s than a perfume.

But the fun of a genre that you dismiss is that it creeps up on you and jumps you from behind every now and again. I despise romantic comedies yet every few years I’ll watch The Philadelphia Story.

Fleurissimo is my Philadelphia Story of the soft pink floral genre, the genre I dismiss without consideration. In its favor, though I might call Fleurissimo pillowy, it starts with a balanced, diaphanous tone. It grows rosy and fuzzy yet never falls apart. Eventually, and smartly, a tartness enters the picture, and saves the perfume from landing on the fainting couch as a bad period-piece.

Like The Philadelphia Story Fleurissimo surpasses its genre and asks the jaded audience member to reconsider both the baby and the bath water.

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