Creed Acqua Fiorentina, The Encore, 2012 (I shit you not. This is the name of this perfume.)

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(image source Daily Mail)

Perfumer Olivier Creed

Hybrid vigor

In any hybrid  you’re looking for the best of both worlds. I have an Australian labradoodle, a dog bred for service. The goal of this particular mix is to combine the intelligence and trainability of the poodle with the human affiliation and low-key temperament of the labrador retriever. The risk of the mix is getting the reverse and having a high-strung, stupid dog.

The eponymous perfume hybrids shout their goal to the heavens: Fruity floral. Rose chypre. Floral leather. Aromatic fougère. Floriental. Acqua Fiorentina makes me wonder if there is an antonym to synergy. Is there a word for the whole being less than the sum of the parts?

Tools for self-destruction

The disparity between the reality The Encore and its vapid marketing hyperbole is a sort of performance piece. The inequality is charged enough that as in a fairy tale, it simply comes to life.

From the Creed Aqua Fiorentina-The Encore webpage:

Description – Sixth-generation master perfumer Olivier Creed re-introduces a fresh new blend of the beloved fragrance. He adds a lively touch of Diamond Jubilee Apple to mark sixty years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, along with beautiful Renaissance rose, Calabrian lemon, plum and white carnation. This encore offers a fresh harmonious scent that will delight her for any occasion.

Classification – Fruitful / Fresh

Characteristics – A long-awaited scent richly deserved by Creed’s loyal clientele who lavished praise on the original blend.


Top note: Lightly sweet greengage plum, often used in cuisine as a dessert plum, Diamond Jubilee Apples and pruneau are the opening notes.

Middle note: Renaissance roses, white carnations, Florentine pear, Sicilian bergamot and Calabrian lemons are a fine serenade of fruits and blooms.

Base note: Virginia cedar and Indian sandalwood are a heart-charming close, with a lively hint of white grapefruit.


Creed’s own excessive protestations tell you more about Acqua Fiorentina than I could ever hope to. It is an ordinary fruity-floral, one of many in a large genre. To its credit, it takes a demure tact and is not as loud and inescapable as many in the genre.

I used to think the greatest job in the world would be to be a voice actor for the Simpsons. 20+ years of Hollywood pay coupled with anonymity. What could be better? Now I think sitting around with friends, smoking piles of weed, writing Creed press and pissing yourself laughing would be the greatest job in the world. (I assume that that’s how the job must be done.)

I leave you to the serenade of fruits and blooms. Buon appetito.

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