Comme des Garçons Series 4 Cologne: Anbar, 2002

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Perfumer Mark Buxton

Expectation is the issue with an eau de cologne. What do you want? Citrus? Yes. Uncomplicated? Yes. Easy to wear? Yes. Long lasting? Not likely. Anbar finds a little bit of a work around here. The name should give it away. A bit of amber gives a longer drydown than most colognes have. The citrus fruit note is also bolstered by a woody green petitgrain note, so not only does Anbar last a bit longer than most eaux de cologne, it shows more evolution. In the drydown, the neroli and petitgrain remain, held aloft by a simple sweet amber and what seems like a bit of musk.

I went back and forth between this and CDG Vettiveru which is arguably more interesting. In the end bought Anbar. If what you want is a simple cologne, but want it to last longer than dressing and walking out of the house, this works. Eau d’Hermès and Mugler Cologne are interesting takes on cologne, too, and are the two other eaux de cologne I wear, but they don’t have the simplicity of Anbar.


This bottle has a screwcap and recently opened up in my gym bag, spilling the  remaining couple of ounces. Smelling it as an ambient scent for the weeks that followed, I have a new respect for Anbar. The amber doesn’t jump out at you, it keeps the rest of the composition bouyant. The pitch of the neroli and the green of the petitgrain float in the air longer than you’d imagine.

A pleasure.


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