digging (into) vintage: Claude Montana Parfum de Peau, 1986

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parfum de peau

Perfumer Jean Guichard

Parfum de Peau is an animalic rose chypre of the 80s school. (Lauder Knowing, Paco Rabanne La Nuit, Ungaro Diva…). It’s not so much a leather scent as a live skin scent. The sweat gives Parfum de Peau a tannic quality. If you focus on just the rose, Parfum de Peau is very similar to other big 80s monster roses and rose chypres. The stinging slap of ripe skin and a tart, unripened fruit create a deliberate, electric imbalance.

Most of the rose chypres of this era were animalic and growly in a campy manner but Parfum de Peau charges at you like it wants to eat you.

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