Christian Dior Homme, 2005

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Perfumer Olivier Polge

The term ‘pretty boy’ is often intended as an insult. An aspersion, really, hurled from one straight man at another. Among us homos, though, the term isn’t an affront.

Dior Homme is a pretty boy. Exceptionally so, in fact. Lord knows how this managed to see the light of day as a designer masculine.

To you straight men who wear it, well done. It’s a smart move to wear a pretty fragrance, and it can work on a straight man in a number of ways. It can play against type. It can announce the security of your ego. It can tell the world that aesthetics matter to you.

Not all perfumes are pretty, nor should they be. But let’s admit it. Dior Homme is.


(image Jang Keunsuk from the drama Pretty Boy)

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