Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum, 2012

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(image source Business Insider)

Perfumer François Demachy

I’m a great fan of Eau Sauvage. I don’t have a recent bottle and am not sure what shape the current model is in. Mine is from 2001-2002, I’d guess. It’s floral, it’s pretty, it’s old-school fresh. It’s bright and inherently shiny.

There’s now Eau Sauvage Parfum, the Black Swan. It’s the shadowy, witching-hour sibling of the original. Instead of the buoyant floral sillage of Eau Sauvage, the Parfum’s wake skates away from you like a demonstration of inertia. Where the original had an expansive aromatic personality, the Parfum’s density, and smokiness points to an introverted character. (Hence the Odile/Odette bit.)

If you’re going to to flank Edmond Roudnitska don’t fuck it up. And Dior haven’t. Eau Sauvage Parfum is one of the best, most thoroughly executed mainstream releases I’ve smelled in years. It is definitive, it smells exceptionally good, and it demonstrates a classical perfume’s virtues of coherence and development. Taking Eau Sauvage, an icon, as a starting place, thinking broadly and in the end giving us a smart gem of a perfume—this is what I want from a flanker.

Nice touch, the dark bottle and cap.

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