Chanel pour Monsieur, 1955

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chanel pour monsieur

(image Ghosts of the Past by daliscar)

Perfumer Henri Robert.

Expectation is often the issue in not liking a perfume. I have an idea in mind and foster a notion of what a perfume will be. I might have read a list of notes or a review. Maybe I just fell for the marketing. Really, I just shoot myself in the foot.

But in Pour Monsieur the expectation is Chanel’s fault. The top notes of Pour Monsieur are so singingly beautiful, so inspiring. On smelling them, I’m sold. I want to be The Sort of Man Who Wears This Fragrance. 20 minutes later if you’re close enough to me to notice, I’m Some Guy Who Might Have Put On Cologne This Morning.

The disappointment: it simply doesn’t last.

The shame: it becomes surprisingly indistinct before it fades away to nothing.

The tragedy: terminal reformulation.

A ghost walking among us.

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