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Montale Ginger Musk

  Perfumer Pierre Montale Triple-distilled shallac. Top notes hit high-Z effortlessly, as my chattering teeth can attest. Useful as a negative stimulus for obedience training of dogs. Once dry down occurs, wearing Ginger Musk is like doing découpage with someone chewing bubblegum. Caveat emptor.

Montale Patchouli Leaves, release date unknown

Perfumer Pierre Montale The earthy side of patchouli and the warm, mineral aspect of cistus labdanum are the two key players in Patchouli Leaves. Sweetness isn’t hidden, but certainly isn’t pushed to the front. I find the patchouli exactly the viscous, hippy patch that I was looking for. But it’s perfectly matched by amber, vanilla, and musk, which might make…

Montale Black Musk, 2010

(image St Croix Cleaners Dry cleaning) Perfumer Pierre Montale I know that this fragrance is viewed as that result of crossing two other Montale scents, but I see it as an exercise in abstraction. A sharp, whistling musk, like the one in Thierry Mugler Cologne is the perfect match to a woody quality that makes for a sort of leather scent-mirage.…