digging (into) vintage: Caron Pour un Homme, 1934

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Perfumer Ernest Daltroff

I love lavender and I love vanilla. I think Guerlain Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur are spectacular and I adore by Kilian A Taste of Heaven. Why is it that I can’t stand Pour un Homme? Every bit of the balance that I find so delicious and enticing in Jicky is out of whack in Pour un Homme. The lavender and the vanilla never come together and the other elements I can find are on the sidelines urging on the fight.

The vanilla is curdled and the lavender’s aromatic qualities are blunted. There’s a feeling of objects flying at each other, hitting, and landing with a dull thud that unfortunately lasts for hours.

(Addendum:  I found a large vintage bottle of Caron Pour un Homme les Plus Belles Lavandes that is much less jarring than the couple of bottles of Pour un Homme that I’ve tried. Same principal, slightly different execution, different materials. Big difference.)


(image source salleauriol.com)


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