Caron Parfum Sacré, 1990

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Perfume Jean-Pierre Béthouart

To read others’ thoughts on Parfum Sacre there have apparently been various formulations of the perfume. I have the edp bought in 2010. I’ve never tried an earlier iteration or different concentration and can only report on this one. How funny that this is sold a feminine perfume. If this were in the blocky Caron masculine bottle, it would sit perfectly beside 3me Homme and Yatagan. PS is parched dry and potent like Yatagan, and built on a very dark accord like 3me Homme.

What I get from Parfum Sacré is rose, pepper, incense. Yes there are a few other bits and pieces (lemon, cedar, jasmine), but they are for the most part supporting cast and have no spoken lines. Pepper, rose & incense line up in their dryness. There is no sweetness or creaminess to the rose. The darkness of the rose matches it to the pepper, and the incense shares the pepper’s nose-tickling feel. The only vague hint of sweetness comes from the resin of the incense. I’ve read that others find sweetness, fruitiness, vanilla. I get none of these, but don’t miss them. Parfum Sacré’s richness comes from the austere buzz of its 3 elements, not from a fleshed-out fullness. Wears well in SoCal dry heat.


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