Caron Nuit de Noel, 1922

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(image source unknown)

Perfumer Ernest Daltroff

There was a television commercial for make-up that aired when I was young. It tried to sell the viewer on the notion that nobody would even know you were wearing make-up! Not too bright, I took this to mean that make-up did nothing whatsoever. I thought if nobody notices, why wear it?  To this day, I’ve never understood make-up.

Nuit de Noel strikes me similarly. It smells identifiably ‘perfumey’ yet on the level of perfume, it comes off as forcefully non-descript—-intentionally under-recognizable. It is a soft chypre, soft like a seat-cushion filled with marshmallows. It doesn’t evolve over time so much as it fades into the skin. Once on the skin, though, it doesn’t disappear. It gives the impression of something ostensibly hidden but easily found. It’s the person playing hide and seek who heads for the nearest tree, then hides behind it, peaking out often to see what’s happening.

Low wattage, low sillage, if you close your eyes, it might smell like either a tiny spritz of perfume or a whole lot of make-up. Great for a man if you’re willing to accept the implication.


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