Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera, 1988

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(image Steve Rubell, Olivia Newton-John, Alan Carr at Studio 54)

Perfumer Carlos Benaim

People who lived large and loud in the 1980s will tell you that the bigness of the era was a reflection of exuberance and the sense of endless potential. It wasn’t. It was mostly just un-nuanced and noisy.

Enter Carolina Herrera, the perfume, not the person. It’s a child’s stick-drawing of a tuberose blown up to billboard size, shaken with a shot of over-concentrated artificially sweetened grape kool-aid. Both monstrous and shrill, it was overconfident  where it should have been self-conscious. Classically 80s in style, Carolina Herrera reminds me how tedious and draining those conversations with people on blow were.


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