Calvin Klein Truth, 2000

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Perfumers Jacques Cavallier, Alberto Morillas, Thierry Wasser

“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you pissed off.” Gloria Steinam, among others.

Time was, names like this from Calvin Klein (Obsession, Eternity and the like) merely seemed pretentious. With the name Truth, Calvin Klein undershoots pretension and lands squarely in the merely stoopid. And, incidentally, in a glaring error in designer perfumes, leaves little room for flankers. Truth Fraiche? Cool Truth? But let’s take Calvin at his word and think about scent and truth. Bamboo? Wet Woods? Silk tree flower? Seems a bit insincere from the start, I’d say. If you’re going to list ridiculous notes without a trace of botanical truth, why not branch out from botany and list notes like levity, regret, serenity or stasis.

But Truth smells good. It shows an use of converging synthetic tones. There’s a green woody sappiness and a tart fruit/musk combination that both extend and subtly redefine ‘freshness’ in the designer fragrance. The result is a beautiful ambiguity without a hint of tension.


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