by Kilian Amber Oud, 2012

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(image Miles Aldridge)

Perfumer Calice Becker.

I love sweets, but there are times I would trade one of those ornate desserts made from a kitchen-full of exotic component for a perfect croissant. A croissant is the product of superb simple ingredients, understanding how the ingredients work, skill and nerve.

Plug in some other $300+ perfume in a blingy bottle for the ornate dessert, Amber Oud is the croissant. All the bad croissants in the world tell you that simple doesn’t mean easy. Amber Oud tells me likewise about perfume. Forget that it costs nearly the price of a ticket to Paris to get this fairy-tale croissant, Amber Oud is the ideal calibration of amber and oud (big amber, little oud) that reminds me that there’s never really been a need to gild the lily.


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