Bond no 9 New York Amber, 2011

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Wouldn’t it be great if higher end perfume producers were more honest about their higher prices. For god’s sake, just say that certain perfumes cost more because people will pay more for them. Bond no 9 present their merchandise as luxury items and therefore charge expectable luxury rates for them. They don’t claim materials culled from rare exotic sources as, say, Creed do. They don’t tout the perfumer-as-attraction like l’Artisan Parfumeurs. Naming perfumes after neighborhoods of the affluent isn’t quite the implied vision of the Lutens line.

For Bond it’s just the 50/50% of derivation and catch-up. Actually, it’s a bit of whack-a-mole:

  1. Take another shot at the contempo-floral? Bam! Central Park South.
  2. It’s hot out, so let’s push another cologne clone. Wham! Little Italy.
  3. Chasing the Angel fame? Pow! Nuit de Noho.
  4. Need an entry in the male aquatic market? Ka-Bam! Wall Street.
  5. Fuck! Everyone else has an oud! Fire somebody and get me NY Oud!

In Amber’s case, it’s: Need an oud-rose floriental to keep up with the nichier niche lines? Blammo! Amber.

Amber is a whole lotta’ everything! It’s an oriental that minored in gourmandise. It’s rich and overstuffed. Unfortunately it’s also from the pile-on-the-diamante school that produced Boucheron de Boucheron, a monster chemo-floriental that typified the 1980s.

Amber doesn’t have a cutesie NYC name and it should. How about “NYC Climber: Over-Leveraged”?

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