Bond no 9 Little Italy, 2004

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(image Peasant Woman Peeling an Orange, Mary Cassatt 1875)

Perfumer Francis Camail

topnotes: orange

mid-notes: none

basenotes: none

I like eau de cologne that starts enthusiastic and demonstrative and then simmers down to a different emotional range. Content, calm, grounded. Cologne is more a jump-start than a marathon. People who wear cologne, especially just out of the shower or on getting dressed to face the world, want a pick-me-up, not a commitment.

Compared to the top notes the latter phases of cologne are so subtle as to be forgotten by the wearer. Little Italy, despite its nominal eau de parfum concentration, takes the idea a bit too far. It simply disappears.

Eat an orange, then don’t wash your hands. The smell on your hands will last longer than Little Italy.


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