digging (into) vintage: Azzaro pour Homme, 1978

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Perfumers Gerard Anthony, Martin Heiddenreich and Richard Wirtz.
We kvetch about the creative and well-made fragrances that are discontinued because too few would wear them; we resent the crap cologne that sells like mad. Isn’t it uplifting to see a fragrance that has been so popular for so long be so spectacular?
If complexity in composition is rather old-school, then let’s hear it for the old school. I’ve referred to Azzaro pour Homme as a little busy, but it could just as easily be called baroque and detailed. Take the lavender and coumarin, the two ends of the fougère spectrum. Wedge in between them elements from the chypre and the oriental, add wood, spices, herbs. This could wind up a stew, but instead, it’s a shimmering beauty.
By historical fragrance standards, Azzaro pour Homme is classically masculine. Screw with that a bit when you wear it and have some fun.
(image, Peter Wyngarde)


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