digging (into) vintage: Aramis 900, 1973

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Aramis 900 and Clinique Aromatics Elixir (also Bernard Chant) are very similar. In classic Estée Lauder fashion, there are effectively masculine and feminine versions of one fragrance, as is also the case with JHL/CinnabarDevin/AliageAramis/Azurée.

The funny thing is, by conventional perfume standards Lauder has mistaken the gender-targets for A900 and Aromatics Elixir. While both are floral/herbal chypres, Aromatics Elixir is much stronger and potentially off-putting, yet is the version sold to women. A900, the one for the boys, is sweeter, more floral and less stark. Overall, A900 is lighter on patchouli, and has more rose than Aromatics Elixir. A900 is clearly the softer of the two.


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