Annick Goutal Musc Nomade, 2008

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(image source fermentation: the daily wine blog)

Perfumers Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal, 2008.

Musc Nomade has wide appeal. The musk freaks, myself included, love it because it’s a complex musk with skin appeal. It’s also exceedingly well balanced, has a woody/floral aspect to it and shows a beautiful evolution. Many musk-heavy perfumes are weak on evolution because musks are basenotes and the first sniff may not be much different than the drydown.

Musc Nomade has the softness and round fruitiness of the non-threatening wing of musk fragrances (the “white musks“) but also the complexity of the ‘skin’ musks, though it’s more baby skin than armpit. There is also the waxiness common to some musks, but the note that really fixes itself to the sweetness is booziness. Booze and baby-skin. If that’s not enough complexity, consider therapy.

Once into the basenotes, Musc Nomade wears close to the skin but also loses some sweetness, becoming a bit woody. Musc Nomade ’s drydown has a long trajectory and traces of woody berry sweetness drift up to your nose 12 hours after applying it. It has the happy-happy angles of the clean musks, but the complexity of the heavier musks. I keep wedging Musc Nomade between the two ends of some fictitious musk spectrum, and I shouldn’t. If anything, the center area that Musc Nomade seems to occupy shows that moderation can be a smart and definitive choice and not just a compromise.


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