Amouage Dia Man, 2002

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Perfumer unknown.

Amouage Dia Man, poor dear, suffers from the Middle Child Syndrome. It sits in the long shadow of older Amouage brother, Gold Man, and can’t match his egregious, universally adored younger sibling Jubilation XXV. And what’s with the names? Dia? Day? Among such names as Gold, Honor, Epic, Opus, Beloved. You might as well have named Dia Bob.

The smart money, though, will look past the names, the hype  and Amouage’s own trepidation. With the substantially quieter Dias, Man and Woman, Amouage wanted to take a step back from the apparent grandness of the Gold twins. The middle child might get lost and become invisible to the outside eye, but for a child with a strong sense of self and a good degree of introspection, this scenario could be perfect. This fictitious child is Dia. Dia has a composure that is ideal for those who value refinement over finery.

Dia is spicy, woody, ambery and just two shades away from grim. Many of the Amouage men’s fragrances are statement perfumes. They announce your arrival. Gold, Ciel, Epic. I’m thrilled to see such unrepentant beauty in masculine fragrances, but as a daily wear, they can be ball busters. Dia is an ideal daily wear perfume if you wear perfume as a gift to your own soul. Dia works its magic over time, reminding you that pleasure should be neither postponed nor uncommon.

Imagine Dia as a test of character. Put a sample of men in a room with all the masculine Amouages and ask them to pick the one that they would wear as a signature perfume. Introduce me to the men who choose Dia.


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